Adapt Courseware Student Assessment Examples

Example of Multiple Choice for Reading and Writing:

Question: Summer at Westphal Beach is fun for everyone. Food enthusiasts appreciate local restaurants opening kiosks and selling their signature items by the shore. The sand is soft and air is always clean and warm; a preferred spot for loungers and sunbathers. For the energetic, the sea is perfect for surfing, swimming, and fishing. The children can even participate in the “learn to surf” program which occurs every day the weather is ideal. There are activities for everyone.

What is the topic of the paragraph?

Correct Answer: Westphal Beach

Incorrect Answer: summer

Hint: Though the activity is discussing summertime, it is not referring to summer in general. Look at the details in the paragraph and identify what they reference.

Incorrect Answer: the beach has fun activities for everyone

Hint: This is the main idea of the paragraph, but not the topic. Can you condense this further?

Incorrect Answer: local activities

Hint: This discusses local activities, but there is a topic which is more specific.

Good to Know: The topic is a very specific detail which is usually discussed throughout the paragraph. This paragraph talks specifically about one beach and what this beach has to offer.

Question: What is the implied main idea of the paragraph?

Correct Answer: Westphal Beach is a great place for everyone to go to have fun.

Incorrect Answer: Summer at Westphal Beach is more fun than other seasons.

Hint: Though this paragraph does discuss the beach in the summer, it does not necessarily imply that great fun cannot be found in other seasons.

Incorrect Answer: Westphal Beach is a better place to go than other local areas.

Hint: This paragraph does boast its good qualities, but it is not implying that it is better than other areas.

Incorrect Answer: If you are budget-conscious, Westphal Beach is the place for you.

Hint: There is no discussion of money in this paragraph, nor are there any hints that this is an affordable place to go. It is also very unlikely that this is low-cost, as many beaches charge per entry and the paragraph states that there are businesses selling food.

Good to Know: Implied main ideas can be difficult to find because they are not explicitly stated. One way to identify the implied main idea is to think about the purpose that this might serve. Also, consider the way you feel after reading it. Does it make you feel like you want to go to this beach?