Amalgam Web and Media

I started a business titled Amalgam Web and Media in July of 2009, a company which specializes in the design and development of websites and digital media. for over four years prior to this, I was routinely performing freelande work under my own name. Web development is a hobby, and I welcomed the opportunity to apply these skills and talents to help businesses develop. Demand for my services was increased, so I decided to improve my operation and develop a legitimate business offering this service.

Since the start, the company has grown and has established a respectable clientele. My company offers low-cost, high-quality website and multimedia solutions for individuals and small businesses. In addition, the company offers design and development of printed media, advertsements, and other common business solutions. The comprehensive approach allows clients to focus on their own business needs while Amalgam takes care of the technical considerations. I thank SCORE for their assistance.

Amalgam is a media business based in Rochester, NY which handles the development, management, and maintenance of websites and digital designs. We cater to media needs and provide our services to both large and small clients, and meet both professional and personal needs. Local clients (from Rochester and neighboring communities) will appreciate our willingness to meet in person to discuss the projects. We understand the Rochester area and the particular and unique needs of local businesses. Distant clients will be pleased with our effective communication and quick, detail-oriented service.

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