Statement of Diversity

I bring a novel, well-rounded skill set and passion about the subject, as well as a genuine interest and an inexorable passion for digital media design and development enforced since early childhood. Additionally, my knowledge of information technology and its history would also be a valued contribution to any teaching position and the diversity of the institute.

I can contribute to departmental diversity by encouraging students to create projects relevant to them and apply their own background and life experiences. When possible, I give students the opportunity to create a project around a topic of their choosing. This invested interest in the development yields more creativity.

I have a genuine interest in teaching, as well as my fields of study. Some students share this perspective; others do not. Students work best when they have a vested interest in the topic, therefore having a flexible syllabus and project requirements is best. Students who are free to choose a topic for a project, such as a hobby, cultural interest, religion, or other meaningful topic, will perform better than those who are forced to create a project on a subject perceived as mundane.

Classrooms generally contain students who have much in common with each other, each bringing fresh perspectives and varied skills, making the environment more conducive to learning. I promote diversity through my attitude, approach, and education.