Forest Ambush

This short character animation features a man battling a monster worm. This is Morgan's first appearance.

This was a final project to an introductory class for Maya animation. We were free to make any animation of our choosing as long as it featured some of the skills we learned in the class. I decided to commit the time investment and build, texture, and rig a character, design an environment, and develop and rig a monster.

I was hoping to include particle effects for splashing water, when Morgan strikes the worm with his stick, and sparks for when the lantern hit the ground. Clearly, I did not get around to this. I exceeded the requirements for this project, so I was not worried. I also designed the worm's mouth so it would open and close using set-driven keys. When I attached the head to the body, it broke. I did not have the time to fix it.

Fun Facts:
I finished this project the night before it was due. I planned to let it render overnight so I could move all the files into Adobe AfterEffects the next day. However, the system kept crashing after rendering a few frames. People told me it was because my computer and the render farm were sharing some of the technology, and those computers were working to their full potential. Therefore, the network sacrificed my activity to support the other computers. I had to render this a few frames at a time, and then save them all in a sequence. This took several hours. I had to pull an unexpected all-nighter, in fact. I had to present on Marie Curie the next morning, so I was preparing my PowerPoint at the same time. Fortunately, the essay on Curie was not due for a few days after.