The Wooden Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Wooden Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Welcome to "The Wooden Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," a pinball game modeled after the book titled similarly. The story's concept is well-known, and has been made into several movies, songs, and plays. The philosophy of the game is similar to that of the story. It's a two-player game. Each player will decide which of Dr. Jekyll's personalities they'd like to be. Throughout the game, the control will alternate between Jekyll and Hyde, as in the story. It may happen by choice, or by chance. Each player struggles for control, but it's never guaranteed. The most skilled player will have the most control over the game. There are features along the way, such as a ball trap that sends the ball to the other side of the game (such as drinking the potion), and active bumpers to represent the surreal uncertainty of the story's phenomenon. The ball represents Jekyll's personality; never certain about where it will end up, and constantly transitioning from side to side.

One player controls Dr. Jekyll (right) using keys 'O' and 'P'. The other player controls Mr. Hyde (left) using keys 'Q' and 'W'. The objective is to keep the ball from leaving the play area through the bottom. One has no advantage over the other. You and your partner can decide whether you'd like to compete for the highest cumulative score, or compete against each other for the highest score.

Brief Instructions:
  • Two players: choose either Dr. Jekyll (right) or Mr. Hyde (left).
  • Dr. Jekyll (right) uses keys 'O' and 'P' to control flippers.
  • Mr. Hyde (left) uses 'Q' and 'W' to control flippers.
  • Keep ball from exiting at bottom of box.
  • Earn points by hitting targets.
  • Cross Switch Line to light your side. If your side is lit, you can score points by hitting any target. If it is not lit, you cannot score.
  • Compete with the other player for highest score or work together to get high score.
  • Close bumpers are worth 20 points, farther bumpers are 30, and the topmost are 50.
  • Drop targets are worth 40 points each. Drop all targets and the inside column by the bottom flippers will light up. Get the ball in this column and earn 500 points.
  • The column on the side of the box is worth 100 points.
  • Small triggers are worth 10 points unless otherwise stated.
  • Automatic bumper is worth 10 points.
  • Losing a ball costs the player on the respective side 200 points (so you don't kill yourself when you're winning just to claim the game… although if you're so many points ahead that you can afford it, you deserve to win).

When the game starts, neither player is able to score until the ball crosses the 'switch line'. When Jekyll's line is crossed, his side will light up, and all points scored will go to him, despite which side the target resides. When Hyde's line is crossed, his side will light up, and all points scored will go to him, despite which side the target resides. The only way to take back control of the ball is to cross the 'switch line'. The player will have the control until either the game ends or the other player's 'switch line' is crossed.