Two castaways are shipwrecked and trapped on a desert island. This is an episode of the "series" titled "Stranded." Frank is trying to find food on the island, and spies a tropical fruit atop a tree, and does everything in his imagination to get it down. With no success, his shipmate, Wilson, comes to his aid. This project was to be an animatic, or an animation done using cut-out figures. All animation in this cartoon is done with still pictures that make up a whole.

Coming up with the idea for the cartoon took several days. When I finally understood what I wanted to do with the project, I had to make an animated storyboard. I came up with several alternate endings. One was that the weary traveler notices a bush full of fruits that everyone is eating off, and makes his efforts fell useless. Another was that Wilson would climb the tree and snatch the fruit. After the fruit knocked Frank unconscious, I planned to have Wilson steal it, and run away. However, I thought it was funny, as his friend lay unconscious on the ground, to just have him back up and run out of the picture.

I created both characters, and most of the images, by hand. After scetching them in pencil, I went over them with a black marker. I scaned the images into the computer, then used Adobe Illustrator to trace the black lines of the scanned image. Next, I transported them into Adobe Photoshop, colored them, added texture, cropped them, and made them into movable pieces. I transfered the file into Adobe AfterEffects, where I could manipulate and animate them. After creating my storyboard and concept sketches, I went to the Sound Lab with my friend Andy, who did the voice of Frank. We recorded some voice tracks, and I took them back to my computer to rearrange them in my cartoon. Last, I needed music and background sound. I consulted several sources for these. The final cartoon was good, I thought, but was lacking certain sounds that I felt were important to the cartoon. I checked several sources for them, but was unable to find what I needed. I resorted to making my own sounds, such as when Frank chops the tree with the axe, and as he falls to the ground in the end.