Warship Armada

Warship Armada

Own the Sea!

It is you against the armada! Your nation is at war, and your duty is to rid the sea of the invading country and claim the islands as your own! Fight through a fleet of enemy ships and destroy the fortress. Quickness of mind and hand are necessary to survive. Plan your strategy alone or with other players in co-op mode to clean the seas of your adversaries. The enemy has eight different warships and three types of defense towers, each with their own strengths. Earn points by destroying enemies and spend them for upgrades at the end of each round. Will you sink or stay afloat?

This multiplayer 3D game allows players to use XBox controllers to steer their ships around islands to claim the land before opponents. this was part of a team project. My roles were primarily the design and development of models (using Autodesk Maya), creation of interface and graphics, writing of documents, and creation of the game manual and supporting documents.