MOGO: Movies to Go

MOGO: Movies to Go

A usability engineering assignment where our team created a video vending service (similar to RedBox). Our goal was to improve the usability of the existing system by identifying problems with the existing technology, recommending improvements, and running iterative usability tests on our new interface. Users agreed our system was an improvement over the existing product.

The below outlines our High-Level Statements of Purpose:
  • Rent out DVD movies at inexpensive prices:
    The primary function of this machine is to dispense DVD movies to customers. The appliance requires the use of a credit card in order to bill the user if the return is late or the disk is damaged.
  • Allow users to quickly and easily see movie availability:
    We want all users, passing customers, and online viewers to see a current list of what is available at the video dispensing location.
  • Make renting and returning quick and easy:
    We aim to make the process of renting, paying for, and returning a movie more efficient than Redbox's current practices.
  • Allow customers to reserve online:
    The Internet has the power to provide distant customers with current information about each teller's inventory. We will make it possible for a user to reserve a movie online so that a guarantee can be given that their selection will be available to them for a reasonable length of time.